White Point

The coolest car chase movie on ice

White Point is a car chase movie taking place in a dystopian and frozen North in the future. Winter has lasted for more than twenty years, snow is everywhere, and the sea is frozen. In order to prevent mass migration to the South, the Finnish state has closed its borders. At the same time, many local women, considered as something of a genetic rarity, have been sold to rich foreign ‘collectors’.

Peter is an old man, a former race car driver and currently a courier who delivers anything anywhere, legal or not. His moneymaking machine, tool, friend, and home on the road is an old Dodge Challenger. Maria is a young, blue-eyed woman, and Peter’s job is to take Maria to an island in the middle of the Baltic Sea, where she will be handed over to her American owner-husband.

Bored of his life, Peter wants to quit being a courier. After meeting Maria and finding meaning to his life again, he doesn’t even care if he dies as long as he can save Maria and drive her across the frozen Baltic Sea to Sweden. From there, Maria has a chance to move on with her life.

The American orders his men to find and kill Peter and bring Maria back. The manhunt begins.

Director’s Word

Finland is a country of snow and rally drivers. White Point combines the two into a post apocalyptic vision of the near future. The North of Scandinavia has fallen under thick ice and frost. Perhaps it is the new ice age, or maybe climate change has taken over and turned the weather upside down, who knows. As a result all the ordinary people have escaped to south, and just the weak and the crazy ones are left behind.

The only way out is to drive hundreds of kilometres over the frozen sea to Sweden. No one of the remaining people quite knows how far the ice reaches, and what awaits on the other side, but everyone agrees leaving is the only hope for a better tomorrow. This is the today’s world flipped on it’s head; the people of once so prospered North are shown here as refugees seeking for asylum.

White Point has similarities to Mad Max, Children of Men, etc. dystopic sci-fi classics. But it is not just another copycat of the genre. What makes it unique is the Nordic mentality combined with its extraordinary scenery. In a way the world and the characters of White Point already exist even if the storyline is science fiction.

Every winter the Baltic sea freezes and crossing it by car is a real possibility. Also the mindset of the people of North changes during the winter. Everyone has their own strategy how to cope trough the darkest season. Some dream of an escape to the warm south, others just surrender and lock inside to play their video games. Just like the characters of White Point. These are the real life people and locations I wish to portray in this film.

On the surface the world of White Point is rather dark and hopeless, but I see also warm tones and even humour in it. No matter how crooked the characters are they haven’t lost their integrity.

Instead of Chroma studios and CGI-sets I want to show the existing cold and white world, which is so rarely seen in cinema. I want to take the audience in the middle of the frozen sea where the horizon disappears into one giant white bubble. Only there the quiet madness of the characters of White Point start to make perfect sense.
– Akseli Tuomivaara

Genre[xyz-ips snippet=”TAGS”]
ReleaseComing in 2016
LanguageFinnish | English
ProducersMisha Jaari
Mark Lwoff
DirectorAkseli Tuomivaara
ScriptwriterVesa Virtanen
FinanciersFinnish Film Foundation
(rest to be confirmed)
StatusIn Development
Principal PhotographyWinter 2015-2016

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