Viking Vampires

Liv (35), an unemployed archaeologist takes a job offer from her half sister Tuva (33). Tuva needs an insider to help her boost the moral of her sales team, and Liv needs a paycheck. Tuva has arranged a company trip to the luxurious Valhalla Spa Resort deep in the Norwegian fjords. The place can only be reached by boat and has no mobile coverage. They have to dress up like Vikings, and row a Viking ship to the hotel. In the forest by the hotel, there is a rune stone from the Viking Age with a cryptic message. The stone has never been moved, and little do they know that the old Viking King Eirik Bloodtooth and his two brothers where buried under the stone. They are Viking vampires, and have waited for over 1,000 years to be set free. Liv dreams of making a sensational historical discovery, and can’t resist digging up the rune stone. Drunk at night she accidently breaks the stone in half and frees the most dangerous Viking king in Norwegian history. Eirik and his brothers awaken to the Valhalla Spa Resort, but soon realise that it is not the real Valhalla and that everything has changed. They kill the staff and kidnap the guests, and head for Bergen in the Viking ship. Eirik is determined to take back the kingdom he lost when Norway became Christianized.


Genre[xyz-ips snippet=”TAGS”]
Runtime75-80 min.
ProducersEinar Loftesnes Filmkompaniet MadMonkey
Bendik Heggen Strønstad Yesbox Productions
DirectorsStian Hafstad
Christer Larsen
ScreenwriterKjersti Helen Rasmussen
StoryKjersti Steinsbø
Kjersti Helen Rasmussen

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