The Look

Can the beauty be the beast?

Klaus Nurmela is a soldier, badly wounded in the war zone of Syria. He could be barely be brought back to life. Klaus believes that the love for his 10-year-old boy has kept him fighting for survival. In addition to his broken face and body, he must have got some of his wires crossed, too, because he craves to do unspeakable things.

Comely photo model Laura Wolkoff has been abused in many ways during her teenage years. She is trying to improve her physical appearance to achieve a comeback, but somehow her every act turns into a revenge against her former evildoers.

Klaus and Laura meet in a private cosmetic surgery hospital. Klaus wants to look like a man again, and Laura wants her self-esteem back. The zygomorphic bodies of the beauty and the beast set their inner animals on fire. This might turn out to be a good thing. Or bad.

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Runtime12 x 45 min.
ConceptMiikko Oikkonen

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