Suttons Case

Edward Sutton is a police detective on sick leave. His wife Rose is away on work and gets stuck in a snowstorm. Confined to his home, Edward stays in touch with Rose through the telephone. Asides from the storm, the biggest news on TV and radio are a young woman’s disappearance from the neighbourhood, a suspected kidnapping by a violent killer. Edward starts hearing screams and strange noises from under his apartment and goes down to the basement in order to investigate the disturbance. He finds alarming signs of a violent fight but is attacked before he can look closer. He notifies the police but finds he is not taken seriously – the communication with his wife is breaking down and his landlord accuses him of making noise and disturbing the neighbours. Increasingly stressed but bent on solving the riddle behind these mysterious events Edward discovers that blood is dripping down to the basement from the floor of his own apartment…

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ReleaseOctober 2016
Runtime90 min.
ProducersSamir Z Pettersson
Anna G. Magnúsdóttir
DirectorStavros Genaridis
CastRobert David Prowse
ScriptwriterStavros Genaridis
DoPStaffan Övgård
Production DesignJohan Mansfeldt
EditingRobert Mila
Sound & MixErik Gustavsson
MusicMark Ambervill
Associate ProducerDan Elmner
Executive ProducersAnders Granström
Jonas Smensgård

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