The emotion-packed hospital drama asks a bold question:
How far are you ready to go to save your loved one?

A car accident changes nurse Sofia’s life. She recognizes the victim, Henri. But her father Hannu, the manager of the hospital, doesn’t let her get involved in Henri’s care and treatment. Sofia and Henri fall in love against her father’s wishes. When the secrets behind the hospital walls start to unfold, it’s certain that Sofia’s and Henri’s love affair is doomed: Henri isn’t human. He is a clone. And Sofia needs a clone cells for her own treatments…

Are you capable of doing bad things to achieve something good? How far could you bend your morality to save the life of your nearest and dearest? Sofia wouldn’t even be alive, if her father Hannu hadn’t crossed that line. Henri wouldn’t even exist. This hospital is really pushing the envelope.

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Runtime12 X 44 min.
ConceptMiikko Oikkonen
WritersMiikko Oikkonen
Paula Mononen
Sanna Reinumägi
Antti Pesonen

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