Other Girls

Four 18-year-old girls kept provocative video diaries about their lives. This is a fictional film based on their real experiences.

Teija gets pregnant. She has to get to know herself before she can decide what to do. “I’m supposed to be Kate Moss. And die before I’m 30. If I just wasn’t a little bit pregnant.

Aino breaks her inner prison and stands up against her tormenters. “It’s ok if I look myself in the mirror one eye and one hand at a time. But I can’t stand the whole image. So why would anyone else?”

Jenny’s best friend doesn’t return her feelings. “Life isn’t the bitch here. My best friend should understand that I’m in love with her. Or should I go straight? Who’s the crazy one, the world or me?”

Jessica falls in love and against all warnings follows her boyfriend to Budapest. Just to get dumped at the airport. “Everything would be perfect, if I just wasn’t so stupid.”

On the verge of adulthood, these four girls lose their innocence.
These are survival stories about the moments when life kicks you in the butt, but you decide to kick back, hard!

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Runtime90 min.
WritterEsa Illi
DirectorEsa Illi

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