They are lethal to men. Without men, they won’t survive.

Nymphs is an original and acclaimed primetime fantasy drama that draws its origin from the stories, characters and visual imagery of ancient mythology.

Now the emerging phenomenon of the Nymphs saga is spreading onto the big screen. The fearful and awful, joyful and painful tale of three nymphs, Desirée, Cathy and Nadia is more daring, racy, mature and sexy than ever.

When full moon rises, DesiréeTasson (16)has sex with her boyfriend for the first time. The boy dies. Cathy Ordana and Nadia Rapaccini _ reveal to Desirée that she is a nymph. Desirée has to burn all evidence of her past and leave her family and friends behind.
Things don’t get any easier when Desirée falls passionately in love with an ordinary mortal, Samuel Fall, while the master of satyrs, Erik Mann, insists that this new redhead nymph is his property.

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Runtime100 min.
WriterMiikko Oikkonen, tba
Based onThe book series NYMPHS by
Miikko Oikkonen & Sari Luhtanen

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