Nymphs is an original and acclaimed primetime fantasy drama series that draws its origin from the stories, characters and visual imagery of Ancient Mythology. The first season of the fantasy drama series Nymphs was completed in 2013. To this day it has been sold to more than 50 countries worldwide. The widely distributed Nymphs season 1 is going to get an anticipated follow-up. The Nymphs book has been sold all over the world and the second book will be published in August 2014.

Season 1
It´s the fearful and awful, joyful and painful tale of the birth of a hero called Didi. They are living among us, deadly beautiful and forever young. They are nymphs. When Didi makes love to her boyfriend for the first time, he dies. She has to leave her family behind and learn to live as a nymph.

Season 2 – Do Not Play With Desire
A year has passed since the lunar eclipse. Didi has a new life and a new identity and is in a passionate relationship with Samuel. By chance, Didi meets an old friend who oddly warns her “You were molded by a divine creature to become his.” The friend is brutally murdered before Didi’s eyes and little by little, Didi discovers that the truth may be that no one is what she thought them to be – not even she herself.

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RuntimeSeasons 12 x 44 min.
WritersMiikko Oikkonen
Sari Luhtanen
Antti Pesonen
Anniina Holmberg
Created byMiikko Oikkonen
StatusCompleted (Season 1)
In development (Season 2)

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