Night of the Witch

From the creators of THE TOXIC AVENGER, IRON SKY and WAR OF THE DEAD comes a new breed of SUPERHERO!

In 18th century Salem a young woman is accused of being a witch and condemned to death. On the night of her sentencing she is burned alive, and a witch promises to revenge her death through generations.

Two hundred years later, Professor John Ward, a young teacher of witchcraft and occults and author of a book entitled “Night of the Witch”, returns to his hometown of Salem. The midsummer celebration at the local country club becomes the stage of two strange murders and soon after, more odd murders take place. The Night of the Witch has begun!

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ProducersTeemu Virta
Marko Mäkilaakso
DirectorsMarko Mäkilaakso
Executive ProducersLloyd Kaufman
Tero Kaukomaa
Co-ProductionRoger! Pictures
Blind Spot
WritersMarko Mäkilaakso
Lloyd Kaufman

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