Dina, a mermaid, lives in an underwater world. On her 17th birthday she is captured by an evil witch, Storm. The witch wants to use Dina for luring sailors to the Lighthouse Island. When one of the sailing boats shipwrecks, Dina saves a young sailor Peter, from the water and feels something she has never felt before, love.

When she rises above water to be with Peter she discovers, to her surprise, that she has legs instead of a tail. It turns out that she used to be a girl, living with her father, a fisherman, in a village.
Her father has made a pact with the King of the Seas – to save the village from hunger he has sacrificed his daughter. Dina wants to stay above ground but is at risk of breaking the pact and the future of the village. The only ones she can ask for help are a couple of tiny fairies, a few misbehaving trolls and some shy elves, her magical friends.

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Runtime85 min.
WritersMiikko Oikkonen, tba

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