Love Records

A loud tale of ambition, loyalty and rock’n’roll

This is the true story of Love Records – The first Finnish record label that truly embraced the youth culture in the late 60’s. Love Records changed the whole country, it freed the youth after the war and created belief in the future. It was the biggest singular phenomenon of the 60´and 70´and there hasn’t been a bigger one since.

When the duo Atte Blom and Otto Donner founded the company they were as uncompromising, radical and alternative as the company’s musical output. Love records is the story of best fiends, bitter rivals, the headstrong pioneers who were destined to change the attitude of a nation, together, despite of their conflicting ambitions.

The music of Love Records still beats in the hearts of the whole nation.

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Runtime90 min.
WriterAntti Pesonen

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