It’s Trading Men

This little Finnish village is filled with bachelors of all ages. The women have either left or grown tired of these lazy unemployed men and simply taken charge of things. Samuli (28), Kari (52) and Taneli (39) have figured out that the women are the reason for their humdrum state and that the women don’t recognize the true value of local men.

This winter Taneli is obligated to go to an entrepreneurship course to get his unemployment cheque. He realizes that they have a great export article – themselves! There must be a demand for handsome, normal, nice Finnish men. Right? They get excited about something happening in their lives and open a website, print a catalogue with pictures of themselves and apply for export subsidies.

But what happens when supply meets demand and ladies from all over come to check out the “goods”?

It’s Trading Men is a warm comedy series about finding your place in the world.

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Runtime20 x 27 min. (1st season)
ConceptMiikko Oikkonen

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