In Her Skin

With his strong, independent and intuitive personality, Martin doesn’t easily let things get on top of him. However, he is on the brink of the abyss. Up to his neck in debt, unemployed, divorced, unable to communicate with his preadolescent daughter… An offer arrives at just the right time via Solange, the woman who shares his torrid nights. A secret organization run without any qualms by Marcuse hires him for a strange mission. He has to travel to Frankfurt to keep an eye on Sylvie Torrente, a famous cellist suffering from arthritis who can sense the inevitable end of her career approaching.

Genre[xyz-ips snippet=”TAGS”]
CountryFrance | Germany
Runtime90 min.
ProducersIgor Wojtowicz (Ferris & Brockman)
Oliver Damian (27 Films Production)
Script & DirectorMichel Acerbo
In cooperation withAmine Mestari
Production CompanyFerris & Brockman
Coproduction27 Films Production
StatusIn Development

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