Capsulae 1.250.000

In a not so distant future: Mysterious white capsules have popped up all over the world. To calm the population, authorities declare the “Capsulae” to be a global art exhibition. In reality the Earth is about to go under and the Capsulae are a part of the “HOPE PROJECT”, an undercover rescue operation scientist Danna Zohar has designed in order to save mankind from extinction. At the sound of an alarm the capsules open and as soon as two people have pushed inside they close and lift off, creating panic and chaos as loved ones are forced to part. Two million Capsulae holding the random survivors are soon on course towards a new world, a trip that reveals yet another layer of the grand scale plan for the human race.

Genre[xyz-ips snippet=”TAGS”]
Runtime90 min.
ProducersAnders Granström
Anna G. Magnúsdóttir
DirectorMiko Lazic
ScriptwritersMiko Lazic
Beata Konar

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