”It’s never too late”
8-ball is a crime drama of fear, love and change.

Pike has just been released from the penitentiary, and is now a mother of an beautiful baby girl. Leaving behind her torn youth, she now marches towards the great unknown – to her future. Only one thing is certain: she can afford no more mistakes.

Pike’s ex-lover, Lalli, shows up ruining her plans for clean start. The passion that once bind the two lovers together is still there.

Lalli is not the only man interested in Pike’s destiny; crime inspector Elias has decided to find out how Pike is doing after her release. Or maybe he’s in love? Elias is partnered up with another police officer, Olli, who is recuperating from a severe occupational accident, and trying to get on his feet after a breakup with the mother of his child.

While Pike is looking to forget her past, Olli is scrambling to find his way back to way things were. But in life there’s no turning back – what lies ahead, must be faced.


Genre[xyz-ips snippet=”TAGS”]
Runtime107 min.
ProducersTero Kaukomaa
Marko Antila
DirectorAku Louhimies
CastJessica Grabowsky “PIKE” | Eero Aho “LALLI” | Pirkka‐Pekka Petelius “ELIAS KASKI” | Mikko Leppilampi “OLLI REPO”
ScreenwriterJari Olavi Rantala
AutorMarko Kilpi
CinematographerMika Orasmaa F.S.C.
EditorSamu Heikkilä
Sound DesignKirka Sainio
Set DesignPetri Neuvonen
Costume DesignAnne­‐Mari Ylitapio
Make‐Up ArtistMari Vaalasranta
Production CompaniesBlind Spot Pictures | MJÖLK
DistributorNordisk Film

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